Helping to build

I believe that we all strive to live a healthy, vital, and purposeful life in order to realize our most heart-felt longings and to build a sense of security and self-worth. We all would like to attract happiness, love, confidence, and peace. Life, at times, is not easy, yet each day is filled with the opportunity to build inner strength and to learn to cope with pain and suffering. It is often not easy to come to talk to someone about your concerns.

You have already taken the first step and perhaps the most difficult one by considering coming to talk about your concerns.

Therapeutic Goals

My goal is to assist you with achieving your goals and meeting life’s challenges. We are all works in progress and are often faced with difficult issues, situations, and challenges.
I will work hard to assist you,  not only with gaining a deeper understanding of yourself, your challenges, and concerns, but also help you learn coping strategies which will build your skill level and assist you with achieving your goals.


My therapy approach and related treatment strategies and techniques are research and/or evidence-based which means that they have been shown to be effective for many individuals, they will also help you build a tool kit in order for you to learn to achieve your goals and meet life’s challenges not only in the present time but they may also be valuable to you with regard to coping with future challenges. This includes Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness-based Approaches, and strategies related to enhancing happiness which is related to research in the realm of neuroplasticity.

Approaches Individually Tailored to You

Although these strategies have been shown to be helpful to many people, one size does usually not fit all and thus, I am dedicated to creating an individually-tailored approach focused on meeting your needs, wants, and preferences in order to create a collaborative relationship with a caring and compassionate approach to your concerns.

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